Food Recipes, How to Make Delicious Tumpeng Rice

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Food Recipes, How to Make Delicious Tumpeng Rice
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Soon we will celebrate the independence day of our beloved Unitary States of Indonesia, in celebration of Indonesian Independence Day, various competitions are often held in several areas to burn the struggle within ourselves.

Competitions that vary from generation to generation such as eating crackers, climbing areca nut to others. There is also a cooking competition or making Nasi Tumpeng which is usually followed by women or women in schools.

Tumpeng rice is certainly a dish that is often cooked when celebrating birthdays. Tumpeng or rice tumpeng is a Javanese dish whose rice is served in a cone shape and arranged together with the side dishes.

Processed rice used is generally in the form of yellow rice, plain white rice, or uduk rice. Well, here Depost Malang will present a recipe for how to make a beautiful but simple and delicious yellow rice cone.

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2 kg of rice
1/2 pulut (so that it sticks and fits in the print without cracking)
Salt to taste
6 pandan leaves
20 lime leaves
12 bay leaves
2 packs of turmeric powder
2 liters of coconut milk
Complement as decoration
Cucumber, tomato, lettuce, egg, chicken, carrot, and others according to taste.

How to make :

  1. Add coconut milk, salt
  2. turmeric powder, and all the leaves in a skillet or can also be in a pot
  3. cook until cooked or cooked (so it doesn't go stale), let stand until cold Then wash the rice and pulut clean,
  4. when the coconut milk has cooled, cook the rice and pulut with coconut milk in a cauldron or pan until the water recedes
    Then move it to the steamer.
  5. Cook until cooked
  6. Then print it using a cone mold
  7. Decorate the cone with various complementary ingredients according to taste.


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