What Can We Do with Bananas? Here are some delicious and delicious banana preparations

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What Can We Do with Bananas?  Here are some delicious and delicious banana preparations
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 Banana is one of many other plain fruits that hold three kinds of sugar substances, they are sucrose, fructose, and glucose which are also balanced with the combination of C fibers.


 Some researchers have even proven that if we eat the banana, at least it will save much energy to our body around 90 minutes. By this condition, is one of many reasons that make many athletes choose to eat this.

Moreover, the civilian also loves it and often tends to turn it to be any kind of food, dishes, even delicious and useful beverages.


 Today we have collected some materials to present you with some wonderful ideas on how to turn the simple yet ordinary banana fruit to be many kinds of tasty even extraordinary foods! So yeah, just take a look below and make sure you are quite braver enough to try one of them or perhaps all of them because however, these are all very worth it to give a try.

Fried Banana

This snack one actually is very easy to make and for sure you guys just need to mix it with some affordable spices such as some little tiny pieces of garlic, and then mix it also with a bit of salt and the multi-purpose flour. However, it will be a very good choice to cook particularly in the rainy season or yeah in any cold season due to its warmness that may bring joy and even could create a wonderful moment.


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Banana Crisps

 Having banana crisps when you are in the middle of workaholic times would bring you to the joy side of life, trust me, sometimes it is good however while munching some salty crisps at the same time you have to conquer many piles of the task. Of course, it will lead you to the moment when you realize and are aware that not all times in life we have to be too serious, moreover forgetting our body and the rest of ourselves to enjoy the other bright sides of life.


Banana Sale

 It is a very popular kind of snack that Indonesian ever has. Because you just need to get some almost rotten banana to cook the very best banana sale. And ya, it can still be eaten just after you make sure you have turned it to be the sale.


Banana Kolak Soup

 This food is really easy to make for sure. Moreover for most Indonesian, it will be very easy to find when the Ramadhan time comes up. At that period, sure you can find it easily anywhere or everywhere, even in any public streets when you stroll around any cities, the seller even will serve it in plastic glasses. The price is also beyond affordable, and yet the taste is beyond tasty. The sweets and the sour of some fruits cats within this soup such as pumpkin cuts, or yeah any kinds of honeydew or blewah also sometimes be used for several people. The gravy, by the way, is made by the mixture of coconut cream, that is why it is quite thick and yeah salty.


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