Food Recipes, Ice Cream with Two Flavors, See How It's Made?

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Food Recipes, Ice Cream with Two Flavors, See How It's Made?
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We cannot deny that ice cream is the favorite food or yeah we can call it also as simple but yet delicious snack which is very affordable for some kinds of it and still lingering in the hearts of every people in the world. Ranging from children to teenagers, even sometimes adults cannot restraint their willingness to back to their old memories of their childhood of themselves which were very sweet and full of joyful moments yet dirty clothes.

 So yeah good people, today we are Depost Malang would like to share the best recipe to make ice cream with two tastes! What? Is it possible and existed for ice cream with two tastes? Are you kidding? Hmm, perhaps some of you have been questioning the title of this article. However, it is true and we are not kidding even mocking you. Although we know so well that some of you perhaps still confusing about holding some cooking tools, moreover do not even know how to boil the water. Oops, the secret is exposed. But ya good people, we are truly honest to say that making this ice cream especially with two tastes is very easy to do. You even do not need many materials to cook it or any very expensive as cost arms and your legs, no!

 Here, we have arranged the recipe very best to serve you. Once you are feeling brave enough to decide to make it for your honored yourself, you will be proud of yourself. I know, this life has been getting hard even become more challenging day by day or even time by time. But of course, pat yourself up and create a little gift for yourself never hurts you. Me? I wish I could eat ice cream as much as I ever ate in the past, but I am quite aware today because due to the bad habit in the past itself made me not quite allowed by God to consume it too much today, or even just a little bit only. But I am grateful, I wish you guys good people could make and even consume it wisely.

 So yeah, below are the materials you need to make this yummy ice cream with two tastes. The steps overall are also very easy to be followed, so there should not be any reason left if you are not capable enough to cook it. Everything is possible, and everyone always can on conquering some things.

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 4 tablespoon of milk powder or yeah you can also use the full cream milk one

 17 tablespoon of sugar

 5 glasses of water

 Coconut cream

 2 cans of sweet milk creamer

 2 sachets of vanilla pop ice

 2 sachet of chocolate pop ice

 6 tablespoons of cornflour



  1. Firstly, mix the water, cornflour, and sweet milk creamer. Also please pour the full cream milk little by little into the pan.
  2. For the cornflour water one, please filter it first then let it mix with the mixed milk one.
  3. Let the dough of the first ice cream cold, just put it in the refrigerator for 4–5 hours, but please make sure it does not utterly frozen.
  4. Divide the dough become two parts.
  5. Mix the first dough with the chocolate pop ice and stir it a while also add some SP into it.
  6. Stir it again until the dough gets bloomed and becomes soft.
  7. Once the first dough is soft and blooms put it in the ice cream tray.
  8. Do the same things like step number 5 to the second dough and mix it with the vanilla ice cream one.
  9. The last step is please put the dough that you have mixed previously in the refrigerator for 6 hours or until it becomes well–frozen.
  10. Serve it and share it with your loved ones!


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