Food Recipes, How to Make Martapura Klepon Very Easy And Delicious

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Food Recipes, How to Make Martapura Klepon Very Easy And Delicious
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Klepon was origins in Indonesia. It is a kind of snack filled with palm sugar and very sweet to eat. But it cannot be denied that the grated coconut which spread over it is just that yummy and make it quite salty. So overall the combination of its taste is very totally complete due to its sweet and at the same time, you will find the salty one. That is why so many people fall in love with this snack one. Range from children to adults, they never deny the great taste this snack offers. However, of course, it is another different reason for people whose diabetes, sure they will say not this snack.

 Today, especially in Indonesia, klepon is not just can be found in Java island where exactly this snack emerged firstly. But also it will be easier to be found everywhere, even in public places like in any traditional market. Besides it, Kalimantan moreover is not an exception. Precisely in a region named Martapura in Kalimantan Island, there is also klepon is sold. However, the klepon in Martapura has different characters than the klepon in any other regions or provinces in Indonesia. Yeah, those differences fall on the shape which is smaller than the usual klepon, but surprisingly the texture is more elastic or yeah quite more rubbery.

 The other difference of this Martapura klepon factually also comes from its history. It was told since a long time ago, that there was in Martapura lived a young boy who wanted to serve kind of cake for his sick beloved mother. But due to his lack of capability in cooking, so he just was doing it untidily and also made it silently. But surprisingly, his neighbors known it well and said that his klepon was very yummy! His neighbors fell in love with his klepon. And when his neighbors asked him what exactly the cake’s name was, then he was just confused. but later he said that the cake’s name was kalapun. Since then, this cake getting well–known by many people. Time flies and its name then changed slowly to be klepon.

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 Now, guys, I would like to share how to make this yummy cake exactly. Hopes you would like to take a note or yeah just give your focus away to the recipe below. And however, all materials I thought are quite affordable, so here is not available for any grumble.



 150 gr multi-purpose flour

 2 tablespoons of rice flour

 ½ teaspoon of salt

 250 ml of blended–water of pandanus leaves

 Ľ grated coconut

 100 gr shattered–palm sugar

 1 sheet of pandanus leaf for boiling the water

 1 sheet of pandanus leaf for steaming the coconut


 Boil the water on the pan with medium fire on your stove.

 Add some salt into the pan and put also one pandanus leaf which you have ripped before.

 While you waiting for the water to be boiled, at the same time you can make the dough of the klepon by mix the glutinous rice flour together with the rice flour and salt. Please add also the blended–water of pandanus leaves slowly.

 Punch the dough till it well-shaped.

 Try to take a little of the dough and turn it to be like a small ball. You can make it flat firstly and then try to fill it with the shattered–palm sugar.

Make sure the shattered palm sugar will not burst out from the dough. Repeat this step one to the dough till its runs out.

 After the dough runs out, now you can boil those all to the well-boiled water for five minutes.

Take it up once it well–boiled and then spread the grated coconut over it.

 Serve it on a plate and share with your beloved ones!

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