Delicious Snack Recipes, How to Make Savory and Crispy Union Rings

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Delicious Snack Recipes, How to Make Savory and Crispy Union Rings
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Making your snacks will certainly be more delicious and healthy, you can also use makeshift ingredients that are in your kitchen.


One of the delicious foods that everyone likes is Onion Rings or Bawang Bombay Krispi


The ingredients used are very easy and the method of making it is also very easy and simple.


Here's How to Make Onion Rings in the style of DepostMalang

Material :

2 pieces of Bombay onions

250 gr Crispy Flour

125 Water


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The right amount of oil

How to make Onion Rings

Slice the onions into circles and remove them one by one until they look like rings.

Make a wet flour mixture by mixing Kentucky Crispy Flour with 120 ml of water (1/2 cup water).

Pour the rest of the flour

Add the chopped onions to the wet flour mixture.

Then place on top of the remaining dry flour and coat the onions with flour one by one until evenly distributed.

Fry in hot oil and medium heat until golden brown. Golden then drain.

Serve while warm.


that's the recipe for how to make delicious and delicious union rings at home. how are you interested in trying it?

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