Here are 5 beaches in Bali that are suitable for a honeymoon, you must visit

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Here are 5 beaches in Bali that are suitable for a honeymoon, you must visit
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After preparing and undergoing all the wedding events, it's time for you and your partner to spend time together as a new husband and wife.

Honeymoon is arguably the last stage in wedding preparations, as well as the one that new couples have been waiting for.
Bali, it seems, is still a favorite honeymoon destination for Indonesians. Natural beauty and endless holiday destinations make Bali always has its own charm.

Not only is it rich in culture and natural scenery, but Bali also has an unavoidable romantic atmosphere.
Here are 5 beaches in Bali that are cook for you on your honeymoon.

  1. Jimbaran Beach
    If you and your partner are looking for a beautiful sunset view then you must come to Jimbaran Beach. Besides having fine white sand, an important reason to come to Jimbaran Beach is to see the sunset. The beautiful sunset atmosphere and the sound of the waves are the main attraction for you to come here. Plus you can also enjoy all that while eating delicious seafood. Another plus of this beach is the many inns around the beach. This makes you don't have to go far to find a place to spend the night around this beach.
  2. Green Bowl beach
    One of the attractions of Bali is the beauty of its beaches. Bali does have a lot of very beautiful beaches and is suitable as a place for honeymooners. One of them is Green bowl beach. Located in the Badung area, Green Bowl Beach will give you a comfortable atmosphere with white sand and greenish seawater. This beach also has waves that can be used for surfing. So for those of you who like surfing sports, this is one of the surfing spots in Bali that you can try one thing that is important if you want to visit this beach is that you have to prepare enough food and drinks because around the beach there are no food and drink vendors and you also have to go down about 400 steps to reach the beach.
  3. gunung Payung Beach
              If you and your partner want a quiet beach atmosphere, it will be very fitting if you choose Umbrella Mountain Beach as one of your goals. Located in the South Kuta area, this beach is not as famous as other beaches in Bali. But even so, you will get a guarantee of getting a very beautiful beach view here. Coupled with clear beach water and white sand, you will get comfort and tranquility at this umbrella mountain beach. On this beach, you can try one of the game tours in Bali, namely paragliding. This beach also provides a paragliding rental place for visitors who want a beautiful view of this umbrella mountain beach from a height.

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  1. Lovina Beach
    Want to see dolphins swimming up close? Lovina Beach is the right choice. At Lovina Beach, you can enjoy the attraction of dolphins. These dolphins are protected by the government, so they cannot be caught and sold.
    In addition, if usually, the goal of the beach is to see the sunset, Lovina Beach is the right place to enjoy the sunrise. You and your partner can also snorkel here.
  2. Nyang Nyang Beach
    Nyang Nyang Beach is suitable for you to make a honeymoon place. Another advantage of Nyang Nyang Beach is besides having a beautiful view, the atmosphere here is also not too crowded.

You can see the beauty of the beach which consists of cliffs filled with plants, golden coastline to green meadows.
Those of you who want to go to this location can go to Uluwatu Temple. Although access to Nyang Nyang Beach is a bit difficult, everything will be paid off with the beauty of this exotic beach. (NN)


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