This Is One Of The Most Dangerous Races In The World TT Isle Of Man

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This Is One Of The Most Dangerous Races In The World TT Isle Of Man
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The Isle of Man TT or Tourist Trophy is an annual motorcycling sport event held on the Isle of Man in May/June for most of the year since 1907. It is often referred to as one of the most dangerous racing events in the world.

The reason is, this race is not held on a circuit but a public road. The length of this track is 60 km and is 400 meters above sea level. This track has more than 200 bends that must be memorized by the drivers. Various track contours from rural, urban, to hilly.

This race has a lot of dangerous turns, starting from being flanked by walls, narrow tracks, and also being on the edge of a cliff. The organizers must also minimize accidents during the race. One way is, by giving a pause for 10 seconds at the start.

The racers who took part in this competition raced their iron horses at an average speed of 300km/hour. The changes made by the racers to their motorbikes make their motorbikes even faster.

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Due to the various contours of the track they can also fly 1 meter above the asphalt while riding their motorbike.
There are also MotoGP racers who have tried this track, one of which is Valentino Rossi. Rossi had tried this track in 2009 but did not take part in the race. Rossi just followed the parade around this track.
He had been offered to take part in this competition but refused because he thought it was too dangerous. "This race is very dangerous and there is no place for mistakes here," said Rossi.

In 2016 four riders died at this track. The race, which has been held since 1907, has claimed 255 lives.
There are seven race classes in this TT, namely, Senior TT, then Super Stock TT, Superbike TT, Supersport TT, Lightweight TT, Side Car TT, and the new Zero TT. Although this race has a smaller prize than the Grandprix race, it is very interesting for adrenaline rushers.
How are you guys, are you interested in trying it?

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