Unique Facts About Sunday You Need To Know

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Unique Facts About Sunday You Need To Know
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For most people, Sunday is certainly the most awaited day. Starting from school children, students, and workers. Because generally on Sundays, various agencies such as schools, campuses, or offices eliminate activities or holidays.

But maybe some don't know why Sundays, especially in Indonesia, are designated as holidays. Not only in Indonesia, but almost in several countries also make this Sunday a holiday. Then how did it come from so that this Sunday was designated as a holiday?

Every nation and country, of course, have different traditions, including those related to this holiday. The Arabs for example, use Friday as a holiday because they consider Friday is a special day and very good when used for worship.

Then why in Indonesia do holidays fall on Sundays?. This refers to the Portuguese, who once came to Indonesia left the history of the word in the Land of the Archipelago. In Portuguese, Sunday in question is an absorption of the word Domingo which means "God's Day".

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That said, this day describes the birthday of Jesus in Christian beliefs. The word Domingo itself is spelled as Sunday in Malay areas, including Indonesia, from the 19th to the 20th centuries. Based on the search for old documents, since the 1940s Sunday has become the name of the official day in Indonesia. The complete names for today are Minggoe, Monday, Tuesday, Rebo, Kemis, Djoem'at, and Sabtoe.

And regarding Sunday being made a holiday, this comes from the Ancient Roman tradition in Italy. The Romans also had a habit of always marking Sundays and other important days using red. This influence then spread to the territories of the Romans. One of them, the Netherlands.

And the entry of the Dutch into the archipelago around the 1600s until finally replaced by the Japanese in 1942, this culture was then continued to be used for hundreds of years after the Dutch ruled the archipelago. This is where the beginning of why Indonesia also uses Sunday as a holiday.

So indirectly, all kinds of languages, traditions, and cultures brought by the Dutch during their reign in the archipelago until the birth of Indonesia in 1945, inevitably have to be adopted by our society.

Included in the determination of Sunday as a holiday which until now the legacy of this Dutch tradition is still maintained.

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