The Mystery of Cipularang, the Kilo Meter that Often Takes Victims

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The Mystery of Cipularang, the Kilo Meter that Often Takes Victims
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The Cikampek, Purwakarta, and Padalarang toll roads or better known as Cipularang are toll roads that are known to be prone to accidents, especially in kilometers 79 to 90.

It is said that the location of the road which is right on Mount Hejo makes accidents often happen because the watchman asks for a sacrifice.

According to history, Mount Hejo used to be a shelter for monkeys, but now it is extinct.

Based on information from local residents, the awesomeness of Mount Hejo is considered to be getting thicker along with the number of accidents occurring on the Cipularang toll road, especially Km 97-90 towards Bandung.

It was noted that several lives of famous names were lost due to accidents along the Cipularang toll road.

The causes also vary, ranging from rational reasons such as the driver being tired so sleepily, to mystical reasons such as the driver seeing the appearance of a ghost suddenly passing by.

However, the number of accidents on this toll road is large enough that there are many myths related to spirits circulating here, especially at KM 97.

Therefore it is often referred to as the magical axis which often also occurs appearances

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Some of them are mysterious cars that always give a flash of light even though when you see them, there is no car behind them.

And the story of a mysterious passenger, until the smell of incense at kilometer 64.

The invisible car often disturbs Cipularang Toll road users by blinking the beam lights repeatedly at night as a sign of wanting to overtake the car in front of it.

But, not long after, after the driver looked behind him, suddenly the invisible car disappeared without a trace.

Even more surprising, when the driver looked ahead there was already a large truck or other cars.

Many people believe that the appearance of this magical car or ghost car is one of the incarnations of supernatural beings on the Cipularang Toll Road who wants to disturb and harm road users by breaking the concentration of road users who are passing through the area.

There are also many road users who claim to have experienced strange phenomena, usually they suddenly feel sleepy, there are even road users who have lost consciousness until an accident occurs.

"This feeling of drowsiness usually starts when they enter KM 90. Surprisingly, after passing KM 100 the sleepiness will just disappear, even they also feel their bodies are fresh and fit," he said.

Local residents often associate various mystical events on the Cipularang Toll Road with the supernatural inhabitants of Mount Hejo.

Previously, this mountain was known as a place of worship or a place of worship when King Siliwangi was still in power.

The story is, this mountain was about to be flattened to shorten the Cipularang Toll road, but due to several reasons and considerations, the idea was canceled. In the end, the toll road was turned slightly or made a circle around Mount Hejo.

The news circulating, while still in the process of constructing this toll road, there were several workers who fell into a trance around Mount Hejo.

In addition, many connect the awesomeness on the Cipularang Toll Road with the existence of a tomb on Mount Hejo at KM 96.

The people of Purwakarta know Mount Hejo as an area of ​​worship rituals, the place of pilgrimage that people always visit is a tomb-shaped building. NN

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