The Origin of Grandma Dipper's Viral Ghost

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The Origin of Grandma Dipper's Viral Ghost
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Talks about supernatural beings are always a byword that is always discussed from time to time, their invisible existence is something that is so close around us.

Many mystical stories circulating from rumors to real what is, believe it or not, will know the answer when someone experiences it for himself.

There are many myths scattered about ghost stories that always give us goosebumps when we hear them, such as this one, the Ghost of Grandma Gayung who is looking for a victim to be bathed.

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According to rumors, the ghost of the granny dipper is a demon in the form of a scary granny carrying a dipper (from coconut shells) and looking for a victim or victim, he will offer that person to be bathed, and after being bathed the person will die after a few days.

This mystical story has even been made into a lively horror film a few years ago.

It is said that Grandma Gayung was an old grandmother who liked to bathe corpses during her lifetime, but when she died at her house due to illness no one knew about it and no one bathed her.

Only taken care of by her husband who is also old, the spirit of the dipper grandmother also wanders and always wants to bathe living humans to take with her.

Grandma Gayung always appears in the middle of the night at 1 pm and targets people who are wandering around.

There is no real evidence about the story of this granny dipper, but most people think this scary story happened, what do you think?


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