Horror Stories, The Myth Story of The Bell Witch The Revengeful Witch

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Horror Stories, The Myth Story of The Bell Witch The Revengeful Witch
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The Victorian era was always filled with things that smelled of legend and magic. Tales Of The Dark and Sinister is one of the few stories in the community shared during the early and late 1800s and in between.

One of them is the story of the Bell Witch is the most prominent in the state of Tennessee United States.

Adam, Tennessee, in 1817 is one of the most famous places in American history, so famous that it finally caught the attention of the public, then the involvement of a future president of the United States.

The story of a terrible figure haunts a family for no apparent reason.

It is said that this figure is a witch full of vengeance, so the cave that is now where the witch lives is very popular among tourists.

Known as The Bell Witch, the whimsical and often violent poltergeist activity that fueled fear and curiosity in the farming community was unexplained for nearly 200 years and was the inspiration for many fictional ghost stories.

John Bell, a farmer from Northern California, their farm consists of 320 acres of highly fertile land nestled along the Red River.

At the end of 1817 something happened that changed their life. Some of his family members saw the strange-looking animal.

Then at nightfall, they began to hear a knock on the door, and then a sound was heard outside their house.

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The sound of rats gnawing at their bedposts, stones falling on the wooden floor scared the family but hid the problem for more than a year.

So word spread about the Bell Witch that people came from hundreds of miles hoping to hear the shrill voice of the spirit or witness the manifestation of her vile temperament.

When news reached Nashville, one of its most famous citizens, General Andrew Jackson, decided to gather a group of friends to investigate.

General. Jackson's party came from Nashville in a wagon laden with tents, supplies, etc., bent on good times and a lot of fun investigating witches.

The men rode horses and followed behind the wagons as they approached near the place, discussing the matter and planning how they would conduct the witches.

Just then, walking on a smooth piece of road, the wagon stopped and got stuck quickly.

The driver whipped his whip, shouted and shouted at the team, and the horses pulled with all their might, but could not move the cart an inch. It's dead stuck like it's welded to earth.

General Jackson ordered everyone to get down and put their shoulders on the wheels and push the wagon, but all in vain no way.

The wheels were removed, one at a time, and checked and found to be fine, turning easily on the axle.

General Jackson after a moment of thought, realizing that they were under repair, raised his hand exclaiming, "On the eternal, boy, it is a witch."

Then a sharp metallic sound came from the bushes, saying, "Alright General, let the carriage go, I'll see you again until the evening."

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Amazed people looked in all directions to see if they could find where the strange voice had come from but could find no explanation for the mystery. The horses then started unexpectedly of their own accord, and the cart rolled around as light and fluid as ever.

The Death of John Bell

The Bell family home torment lasted for years, culminating in a ghostly revenge act against the man she claimed had deceived her.

He is responsible for his death. In October 1820, Bell was struck with an illness while walking to a pigsty on his farm. Some believe that he suffered a stroke.

Because after that he had difficulty speaking and swallowing. In and out of bed for several weeks, his health declined.

The Bell Witch left the Bell household in 1821, saying that she would return in seven years. He kept his promise and "showed up" at John Bell, Jr.'s house. where it is said, he left it with a prophecy of future events.

Including the Civil War, and World Wars I and II. The ghost said it would reappear 107 years later in 1935, but if he did, no one at Adams would come forward as a witness to it.

Some claim that spirits still haunt the area. On the property formerly owned by the Bells was a cave, which has since been known as The Bell Witch Cave, and many residents(Zn)

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