Horror Story!! This is Boy Scout Lane, the Mysterious Road That Often Has Sightings

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Horror Story!! This is Boy Scout Lane, the Mysterious Road That Often Has Sightings
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Every road must have an interesting story, whether it's a good or horror impression. But the longer the age of a road, usually the more stories that are stored in it.

As told a horror story that took place at Boyscout Lane in the Steven Point area, Wisconsin, United States which is said to have a horror story that is often encountered by people who pass through it.

The street that existed in the 1950s was famous for its scary and eerie atmosphere, according to rumors circulating in the surrounding community in the 1960s, there had been a serial murder of young people who were members of the Scout organization.

That's why this street is called Boyscout Lane or Boy Scout Street. In the process, the issue of who was the mastermind who killed the group of young people gave rise to many versions.

According to the first version, the original killer was the scout coach who took part in the killing because people believed that the body of the coach was not found at the time of the evacuation.

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According to another version, it is believed that the cause of death of the scouts was the result of their own actions, namely as a result of leaving the camp they dropped lighting lamps or lanterns, causing a fire and killing them.

There are also those who think that the cause of the death of the group was an incident caused by the bus driver who fell asleep while taking the group of young people to the campsite.

And the last version is that they, the entourage, disappeared without knowing their whereabouts and where they went without a detailed reason.

Well, because of that understanding, other people or the surrounding community believe that Boyscout Lance street is still inhabited by a group of young people who are asking for help.

And as a result of that understanding is often associated with accidents that occur on these roads. Until now, the streets of Boyscout Lane are still a mystery to this day and it is believed that there are still many secrets of horror stories besides the murder of young people.

The horror story above is not necessarily the truth, so we don't fully believe in the story above, but if you go through a very lonely road at night what will you do !!!! (Zn)

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