Here Are the 4 Most Dangerous Extreme Sports in the World

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Here Are the 4 Most Dangerous Extreme Sports in the World
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For some people, exercise is very important for health. But what if the sport is categorized as an extreme sport?

Usually, this extreme sport requires speed, altitude, high physical activity, and requires special equipment.

To do this extreme sport, you must also be accompanied by an expert in the field.

This sport cannot be done alone for beginners, this extreme sport is also chosen by some people because it can challenge the adrenaline.

For fans of extreme sports, what they are looking for is adrenaline even though it can be a life-threatening challenge.

Here DEPOSTMALANG will share information about the most dangerous extreme sports in the world, see the following:

1. Surfing

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Surfing is popular with athletes, but this one sport can be death-defying because you race against waves that can cause you to drown, roll in waves, and even be attacked by sharks.

2. Base Jumping

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This sport is one of the most dangerous extreme sports in the world. This sport is done by throwing yourself out of the plane and free fall in the air at a speed of more than 100mph.
With such a short time, the jumper must know when the time is right to be able to pull his parachute.

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3. Heli-Skiing

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The next extreme sport is Heli-Skiing, this sport is done on the slopes of a mountain. To reach the slopes of the mountain is done by helicopter.

4. Bull Riding

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The last sport is Bull Riding, bull riding is a rodeo sport that requires the rider to ride a bull and try to stay seated on the animal when the animal tries to let go of the rider.

Those are some of the most dangerous extreme sports in the world, how are you interested in trying it?? (Zn)

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