Here are some tours in Bali that are very interesting to visit

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Here are some tours in Bali that are very interesting to visit
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Now a lot of people choose to go on vacation to the beach or nature because the scenery and the beauty of the sea are a good

place for quality time with family, friends, and partners, not infrequently they choose this tourist spot to spend their vacation.

Bali has very beautiful beaches and nature, even tourists often visit this city of Bali, There are also a lot of foreign people who visit Bali,

now Bali Depost wants to tell you where you must visit if you come to Bali.

Kuta beach


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Kuta Beach A tourist spot that is visited by many tourists, located in the Kuta sub-district, south of Denpasar.

Bali, this Kuta beach is a destination for foreign tourists and has even become a mainstay tourist attraction on the island of Bali.

During this pandemic, of course, this beach is rather quiet, yes, but this beach is very nice plus clean white sand, along the beach

There are also sidewalks usually suitable for jogging or playing bicycles, this beach also has a very strategic location, good wave rolls can see a very charming sunset.

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Campuhan hill


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This hill is located on Jl Bangkiang Sidem, Kelusa, Payangan, Ubud, Gianyar Regency, close to the Ubud Temple and Art Market,

where there is very little air pollution here, a good place for greenery, you can enjoy sunrise and sunset here, actually, this place is not known to many people.

This place is good for jogging and cycling to your heart's content, it will be very nice plus the air is very cool, you can take photos here as much as you as you

can rest from the crowds in the city, oh, this Campuhan hill was once used as a song by the slank band entitled 'The Edge of Caampuhan' explains

and describes the beauty of this Campuhan hill.

How are you not interested in coming here? If you come here, I guarantee you that you won't regret taking your vacation time to come to this place.

Don't forget to take care of nature and beaches wherever you visit, okay!

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