Travel Like A Tairy Tale in Jogja

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Travel Like A Tairy Tale in Jogja
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Many tourism in Jogja you will visit it, in addition to the thousand songgo stone tours, in the past the Bantul Bapupaten was only famous for its Parangtritis beach, but the rest of the tourists did not know that there were other very interesting tourist attractions.

However, when tourism was on the rise and became a new lifestyle for the community, at that time Bantul became famous and developed, which was known by many people, and became a favorite tour in Yogyakarta.

One thousand stone songgo sky is an area that people think is in the fairy tale, which is located in a pine forest and formed in various ways, so it is not like a pine forest in general.
When you come here, you will first see a gate, of course, which is very interesting and can be used as a photo spot, you see at first it is already interesting, what else if you go inside, it will be more interesting with the addition of the wind from nature and the air is very cool .

On the right side, there are a lot of huts lined up from wood, these huts sell various kinds of culinary delights that will surely satisfy your taste buds. And for the traders here, the price is quite affordable, they don't take advantage of the situation by giving an expensive price.

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When you walk about 200 meters, tourists will be offered a ride that can stimulate adrenaline. It's just that the rides here are specifically for children.

Yahaya flying fox is charged for only 20,000, and there are lots of children who are queuing up to try this ride. After that, you will see that there is a very large swing and it turns out that in this swing there is an inscription with very unique contemporary words.

In this place, it is said that there is a large rock that comes from a volcano that slides freely as a result of the eruption of Mount Merapi, this is not yet known, but people believe it.

Here there is also a bridge made of wood, but underneath there are small rocks and dry trees that fall and fall down, there is no running water but even though there is no flowing water this place still has a beautiful charm.

The presence of the hobbit house here turned out to be an attraction for visitors because it used to be famous because of a film lord of the ring and the hobbint.

The location of this tour is in Sukarame Hamlet, Mangunan Village, Dlingo District, Bantul Regency. Entrance tickets here are pegged at a price of 2,500 and plus a parking fee at a price of 2,000, how do you make it cheaper? You can come to this place, friends. -ER


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