Getting to Know the Cultural Values at Wahana Puri Maerokoco

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Getting to Know the Cultural Values at Wahana Puri Maerokoco


An interesting place that should be visited by the people of Indonesia, and it's a shame if you have to miss it is none other than the Puri Maerokoco ride. Why? Because, in addition to being able to learn about the various cultures and values ​​that are thickly growing in this country, we are also treated to the pleasures of various interesting and nutritious rides for the happiness of the soul! Ceilehh duhh, sorry for the language...

This Puri Maerokoco ride is so beautiful it's even called the Indonesian Miniature Park version of the province of Central Java, buddy! Yes, in Jakarta, there is a Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, which is complete with various rides and other eye-catching treats, such as the Puppet Palace, and others. Well, if you're in Central Java, you can try to show your heart to be happy here, at Wahana Puri Maerokoco. So, where is it located now?

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For those of you who live in Malang, especially those who live in the city of Semarang, you must have memorized the exact location of Puri Maerokoco, hmm, yep, to be precise, it is located on Jalan Yos Sudarso, Tawangsari, West Semarang city, Central Java province, with a postal code 50144. Completely recorded, pal! Hehehe, so that after this PPKM is over we can treat a tired heart there. Duhh, I'm really tired from yesterday, I'm sorry wkwk.

Oh yeah, it should also be noted, visiting Puri Maerokoco is really easy, buddy, because it's located in the middle of the city, like the heart. Pounding when you meet him, wkwk. Geez...

Okay, serious this time. So, from the intersection of five, you can direct your motorbike or car towards Tugu Muda, then just keep going straight until you see a red light, only then look on the right side of the road there is a sign that reads "PRPP". Well, you can turn the vehicle to the right and follow the road signs that are already available in the area.

It's also possible if you want to use public transportation there, and you can ask to be delivered directly as a tourist to PRPP, for example, by taking a city bus, or there are now too many online motorcycle taxi users, right? Can be used.
What kind of recreation can be done there, Mimin?

Well, there are many things that can be seen to relax the eye muscles there. As a result, Puri Maerokoco is like a small package of Central Javanese culture, plekk falls here. Hehehe. For example, yes, you will find many traditional houses called pavilions. It consists of 35 districts or cities.

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Well, then there is also a building in the form of a house in which there are various industrial products with the characteristics of each region in Indonesia.
Based on historical records, this area has an area of ​​​​23.84 hectares, friends, and was built by Governor Ismail in the 1980s. As for the name "Maerokoco" itself, it is taken from the epic Mahabharata, it tells a straightforward story about a goddess who wants to own a thousand buildings and one night.

Hu Hu Hu...
In addition to the many traditional houses here, there are also tourist attractions that soothe the soul again, namely the mangrove forest!

Duhh, this one is really very elegant and exotic, it even often makes tourists who come here hypnotized by its natural beauty. Coupled with a variety of birds flying here and there. You can also cross the fixed path, ride canoes and motorized boats, feel the beautiful breeze, the cute and adorable jumping attraction of milkfish, and... much more!

The real adventure is basically this! - ER

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