Cirebon Sunyaragi Cave Tourism Destinations That Have A Lot Of History

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Cirebon Sunyaragi Cave Tourism Destinations That Have A Lot Of History
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DEPOSTMALANG- Shrimp city Cirebon is a city that is traversed by the north coast route, the route from Jakarta to Java through the northern route.

As a city that is often passed by people passing back and forth, Cirebon is also a lot of tourist attractions that you can treat.

One of them is the Sunyaragi Cave Park, the Sunyaragi Cave in ancient times was a residence for the Sultans and high-ranking officials of the Kingdom, and was used as a place of meditation.

The existence of the Sunyaragi Park or Cave has a long history and is one of the cultural heritages in Cirebon.

Sunyaragi Cave or often called Taman Sari Sunyaragi is located on an area of ​​15 hectares, and in ancient times was surrounded by a lake called Lake Jati.

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This cave is an artificial cave made by Prince Kararangen around 1703 AD, he is the great-grandson of Sunan Gunung Jati.

Its construction was intended as a place to improve the knowledge of kanuragan as well as deepen the techniques of war for the princes and soldiers of the palace.

For this reason, this historic tourist location is named Sunyaragi, which comes from the Sanskrit words "Sunya" and "Yeast" which means "Desolate" and "Raga".

Sunyaragi Cave was built by combining several ornaments, namely Islam, Hinduism, and China. And overall using the concept of the era of the kingdom in his time.

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Myths in Sunyaragi Cave

The myth is related to the issue of mate. Namely, there is a prohibition in the Sunyaragi Cave, where a virgin is forbidden to touch one of the stone statues called the Sunti Virgin.

If that happens, it is believed that the virgin will find it difficult to get a mate. If you have touched it, there is a way to ward off the myth.

That is by walking into the Cave of Immortality, which is believed to be able to perpetuate something, including the problem of mate.

Some of the caves in Sunyaragi Park are:

  • Guard Cave
  • Goa Pandepackaging
  • Simanyang Cave
  • Jinem Ward
  • Mande Beling
  • Peteng Cave
  • Punt Cupp
  • Langse Cave
  • Panembahan Room
  • Kaputren's Room
  • Bale Kambang
  • Goa Arga Jumut
  • Padang Ati Cave
  • Kalanggengan Cave
  • Goa Lawa
  • Pawon Cave

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In addition, there are also several rides that you can try and add to the excitement of your vacation to the Sunyaragi Cave park

  • Flying bike
  • Flying balloon
  • Flying swing
  • Archery

Location and Route of Goa Sunyaragi

Location and address Sunyaragi Cave is located on Jl. By Pass Brigadier General Dharsono, Sunyaragi Village, Kesambi District, Cirebon City. The location of Sunyaragi Cave if from the Haramukti Terminal Cirebon is about 1.5 km away, while from the Cirebon train station it is about 5 km.

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