Must Come! This Transport Museum Tour is Really Very Interesting

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Must Come! This Transport Museum Tour is Really Very Interesting

DEPOSTMALANG.COM- Malang is full of charm. Both Malang City and Regency, to Batu City, all have interesting tourist attractions to visit. One of the usual tourist attractions is the Angkut Museum in Batu City. Museum Angkut is located at Jalan Canal Sultan Agung number 2, Ngaglik, Batu District, Batu City, East Java.

Malang Angkut museum is the most popular new tourist attraction in Malang and its surroundings. Museum Angkut combines the concept of entertainment attractions and the history of means of transportation that exist around the world. This Malang creative museum holds the title as the only tourist spot and the first to hold the concept of transportation tourism in Indonesia. There, visitors can study as well as have recreation while studying various types of transportation models in Indonesia and throughout the world.

Since its opening in 2014, this museum has attracted many tourists every year. How not, his brilliant idea for a museum made it listed as the first transportation museum in Asia.

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This Malang tourist attraction is very interesting to visit, visitors don't just look at the collection of vehicles from various parts of the world from ancient to modern times. Visitors are amazed by the various landmark buildings typical of a country as a background for vehicles that produce vehicles, so they feel like traveling around the world.

The area of ​​this transport museum is approximately 3 hectares, and if you are a lover of the automotive world then you will feel the sensation of a vehicle.

Each Zone adjusts the theme of the vehicle so that each zone will give a different sensation. Here are the zones in the transport museum.

1. Main Hall Zone
2. Education Zone
3. Sunda Zone
4. Gangster Town & Broadway Street Zone
5. European Zone
6. Buckingham Palace Zone
7. Las Vegas Zone
8. the Zone D'Mask Kingdom
9. Floating Market Zone
10. Hollywood Zone
11. Flight Training Zone
12. Floating Pasa

if you come here then you have to pay for the ticket
1. weekday ticket Rp. 70,000/Person
2. weekend ticket Rp. 100,000/Person - ER

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